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McCoy & McCoy Laboratories, Inc. (MMLI) is a woman-owned commercial testing company established in 1952 to provide clients with information and services to solve or prevent federal, state, and local regulatory compliance issues. MMLI's corporate office is located in Madisonville, Kentucky and currently operates five additional laboratories within the commonwealth in Lexington, Louisville, Pikeville, and Paducah, as well as, Farmersburg, Indiana.

Originally, the company's business focus was, potable water, wastewater analysis and treatment plant supervision. In the 1970s, growing public concern for the environment led to the passage of new laws, such as the Clean Water Act (CWA), and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) which provided opportunities for MMLI to expand and broaden our scope of services. MMLI continued to grow with the ever-changing testing requirements within these regulations.

As the potential for litigation became an increasing part of the environmental agenda, MMLI became the first laboratory in Kentucky to be accredited through the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP); And while the world was embarking on a new century, MMLI was certified by the USEPA to analyze for Cryptosporidium and acquired ISO 17025:2005 certification for food/pet food microbiology, as well as, various chemistry tests.

Today, MMLI's business continues to grow with a diverse customer base. The foundation of this growth lies with professional and timely analytical determinations for a wide range of customer types.



• 1952 founder John Wesley McCoy established J.W. McCoy Water Consultant
• 1972 John A. McCoy joined the company.
• 1975 McCoy & McCoy Water Consultants was formed and became the 1st certified drinking water laboratory in Kentucky
• 1978 J.W. McCoy passed. The same year a new facility was opened in Pikeville, adding coal testing to the list of services.
• 1979 – 1981 Paducah & Lexington laboratories were opened expanding the service area across the Commonwealth of Kentucky and surrounding states.
• 1988 two other service areas were developed; McCoy & McCoy Environmental Consultants and Analytical Management, Inc. McCoy & McCoy Water Consultants was renamed to McCoy & McCoy Laboratories, Inc. (MMLI). With the quickly changing testing scope the new name encompassed the diversity of the testing capabilities. All three companies were under the corporate umbrella of McCoy & McCoy, Inc.
• 1991 John A. McCoy passed, and his wife Ms. Barclay McCoy took the reins of the company.
• 1997 Ms. McCoy reorganized the company and came full circle. McCoy & McCoy Environmental Consultants and Analytical Management, Inc. were dissolved and McCoy & McCoy Laboratories, Inc. was focused solely on testing applications.
• 2003 MMLI broke ground in the Madisonville Industrial Park embarking on a major building project.
• 2005 MMLI opened its brand new headquarters with a 23,000 sq ft state-of-the-art laboratory.
• 2008 MMLI developed a Special Projects Division. This division assists a wide range of companies to develop methods to enhance the measurement of the quality of their products.
• 2009 MMLI began the development of Microbiological testing in Food/Pet Food Products.
• 2009 MMLI opens an office in Louisville, KY
• 2012 Mike Baumgardner, V.P. is appointed to the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers Board of Directors
• 2013 MMLI receives accreditation to perform EPA's UCMR3 testing
• 2013 Mike Baumgardner, V.P. is elected vice chair of the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers
• 2013 MMLI creates a Board of Directors to govern its business activities
• 2014 MMLI attains Kentucky's Wastewater Laboratory Certification
• 2014 MMLI receives accreditation from Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation for ISO/IEC 17025:2005
• 2014 MMLI purchases Environmental Certification Laboratory, Farmersburg, IN
• 2014 Mike Baumgardner, V.P. is elected Chairman of the Board of the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers
• 2015 MMLI begins expansion of chemistry tests for pet & human food products
• 2016 MMLI's Board of Directors names Mike Baumgardner President/CEO, while elevating Doug Wolfe to V.P. of Compliance and Lee Locke to V.P. of Finance
• 2016 MMLI's Farmersburg laboratory attains accreditation with the Indiana State Board of Animal Health for food grade plastic container microbiology
• 2016 Ms. Barclay McCoy passes away leaving ownership to her daughters.
• 2017 Brad Coyle joins MMLI as Vice President of Operations
• 2017 Mike Baumgardner retires after 37 years of loyalty and leadership
• 2018 Colin Menser accepts President/CEO position


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